• Your sales team can't find the $#!T​ they need to hit their numbers




    In less than 30 minutes, you'll have your sales team USING your key sales content, not looking for it

  • Leading Companies That Invest in Sales Alignment Sell More, Sell Bigger and Sell Faster

    In many B2B companies, sales can't find the content they need when they need it. This means that marketing created a lot of sales assets that never got used. Marketing has burned through limited resources and sales was not able to deliver consistent messaging and build trust with their buyers.


    With DryDock, your marketing team makes collateral that is relevant and timely. Sales never has to look for what they need because it's all on their mobile devices. Sales delivers content that their buyers want to see, and buyers are getting the info they need to make their buying decision.

    79% of B2B buyers report that content provided by a sales rep is Very to Extremely Influential in the buying decision

    • Reps need sales content to be findable, usable and relevant
    • When competing against other vendors, your rep and your content will influence deals won

    65% of content created by marketing for sales is NEVER used by sales

    • HUGE waste of time and money in content creation
    • Unmet needs where it matters most, in the field

    Best in class sales teams spend up to 35% LESS time searching for content than their peers

    • In a 50 hour work week, this amounts to over 3.5 hours per week or over 700 hours per year FOR EACH REP
    • High performance sales teams use this time to build a better pipeline, the single biggest factor to increasing deals won
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