• Your buyers need info to say "Yes"

    With just a tap on your phone, share the content buyers want and

    win more deals

  • Sales Reps Help Buyers Buy

    There's no denying that the buying process has changed. Buyers conduct their own research more than ever before. You may have even heard that the sales rep is obsolete in B2B sales.


    We're here to tell you "Nope, not by a long shot".

    79% of B2B buyers report that content provided by a sales rep is Very to Extremely Influential in the purchase decision

    A well armed rep provides the content that guides buyers along the path to purchase

    65% of content created by marketing for sales is NEVER used by sales

    To share content with buyers, reps need sales materials to be findable, usable and relevant

  • Compare Your File Repository with DryDock

    Files Get Lost in Online Storage Systems while DryDock Users Consume the Content that They Need

    Online Repositories are Good for Storage

    DryDock is Great for Consumption

  • It Works Because it's Easy

    Upload Content and Enjoy Secure Access from Anywhere

    Upload Sales Content

    Admire Your Brilliance

    Install the DryDock App

    Share Content with Buyers


    No Seriously, that's it. It's THAT easy.

    What are you waiting for?


  • The Team

    Jeff Shieh

    Founder and CEO

    Jeff founded DryDock to help businesses use mobile technology to exceed their sales goals. Jeff focuses on enterprise mobile strategy (DryDock's vision), making constant enhancements to the DryDock platform (product management) and helping clients to keep their sales teams active and engaged (customer success).


    When not working, Jeff plays a little baseball, fosters pups and enjoys quiet time with his wife and four children ages 16, 15, 13 and 11. (Just kidding about the "quiet time").



    (610) 804-6229

    Michael Riley

    Chief Technologist

    Michael oversees software development and support for the DryDock technology platform. He previously founded and oversaw product development for the software companies Simplpost and Boxter. His full-stack engineering background enables DryDock to rapidly deploy and integrate new technology based on customer needs.


    In his spare time Michael writes for a variety of technical publications, records music and is usually hanging out with his bullmastiff, Nico (who is a minor internet celebrity).




  • Sick of Seat Licenses? So are we

    We charge a flat monthly fee for each channel. You fill your channel with all the content you want and make it available to as many people as you want.

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    Tis the season for...NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS. So as a tribute to the one month when we commit to make lasting life changes, I wanted to share a recent podcast which helped me reframe the way I think about behavior change and how it applies to managing change in your sales organization. One of my...
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